To possess a rapidly streaming web site, you must have a clean and well crafted code. In the Control Panel, you can find a number of tools that can assist you quicken your website’s performance without needing to touch anything in the backend code. The Web Site Accelerator Programs – Varnish, Memcached and Node.js will not only assist you to supply quicker loading speeds to your website visitors and consequently minimize site exit rates, but may also skyrocket your site higher in the search engine results positioning.

To work with the Web Site Accelerator Programs, only access your Control Panel and create an instance for the one you need.


RAM–caching as opposed to data–base requests

The Memcached tool is designed for improving site loading speeds by caching the data–base info that is asked for by your website visitors. It’s an amazing memory–based object store, which allows for info and objects to be cached within the RAM rather than getting querried whenever a person opens a website.

This system is great for your database–powered websites or web apps in which your users devote plenty of time surfing as well as checking out information. Memcached is located in the advanced resources section of the Control Panel.

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RAM–saving instead of HTTP requests

You can find many different approaches to quicken a website, but most of them need a designer to redo the backend code. There are more convenient tools for quickening a website, like the Varnish website accelerator program built into our Control Panel.

Varnish represents web application accelerator, which saves HTTP queries in the RAM and returns them to the site visitor as a substitute for expecting the web server to send them. Testing reveal that putting into action Varnish on a site as well as a web app normally hurries up website loading times with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish can also be set up how to deal with inbound requests – whether they should be served by Varnish, by the web server, and so on.

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A simple way to build scalable apps

If you need to make an application, make sure you have all the tools you will need available at once, without the need to seek, assemble and have them set up. The Control Panel can help you save both time and money, by providing you with the tools you may need right close at hand.

The Node.js software allows for designers, whether or not they are experts or not, to generate scalable network applications and websites. It is using the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also the libUV. Node.js works by using an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and useful, perfect for data–intensive real–time web apps that run over distributed devices.

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