The monthly traffic feature, that’s sometimes also identified as bandwidth or data transfer, refers to the total volume of data that is uploaded to your shared website hosting account and downloaded from it monthly. The website traffic is generated mostly by site visits - each time someone goes to your site, the web pages they see are downloaded from the hosting server to his or her computer or smartphone and they are displayed by the web browser. What counts for the website traffic generated is the size of these web pages, hence the more website visitors you have for some period of time, the more site traffic will be generated. Along with the web site visits, file uploads will also be counted towards the total monthly transfer i.e. when you upload site content or some other files using a file manager or an FTP program, they will also produce some traffic. The counter resets on the very first day of each month and it is not related to the date you've registered as well as the date you have renewed the website hosting package.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting
Our Linux shared website hosting packages are ideal for any kind of small-scale to medium-sized site or even a larger variety of sites. Considering that you can host many domains in a single account, we have designed the packages in a way so as to provide you with all the attributes you will need. Whether you run an individual portfolio website or an eCommerce site, the monthly site traffic allowance that your web site can use will not be an issue. Thus, you will have the opportunity to expand your online presence and acquire plenty of new visitors without having to worry about getting to some limit. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel provides you with in-depth details related to the traffic usage to and from your account, that will allow you to manage your web sites and your account much better. You'll be able to view hourly, daily and monthly results, the site traffic generated by each domain and by the account as a whole, the most often downloaded files, etc.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
All of our semi-dedicated server plans are rather powerful and you can run a couple of sites in a single account. The monthly traffic characteristic suits that power, therefore what you will receive is a web hosting account with truly unrestricted info transfer. As a result, your web sites can grow as much as it's possible with this kind of hosting and you can receive as many website visitors as you want. For better web site and account management, you will be able to check out the amount of traffic each of your sites produces, but we won't place a restriction. For your convenience, you will be able to view monthly, daily and hourly statistics as well as the particular web pages that are visited most often, and files that are downloaded the most. Using our semi-dedicated hosting packages, you'll never concern yourself with hitting any kind of traffic cap so that you'll be able to concentrate on improving your websites and getting more visitors.
Monthly Traffic in VPS
The monthly traffic allowance for our Linux VPS packages is proportionate to the other server’s system resources. When you buy a more powerful server, it is likely that you will manage a well-known website or even numerous web sites, so you'll have more website visitors. That is why, the greater plan you order, the higher monthly traffic allowance you'll have. We will inform you whenever you get to 90% of the amount, in order for you to have enough time to take some action and either update your package or optimize your sites and decrease the traffic that they make until the counter resets the next month. When you decide to update, you can do so through your billing Control Panel and with no more than a couple of clicks. In addition, you'll be able to monitor what amount of traffic your server has already made and what amount is left before you reach your monthly limit. This info will be available in the VPS management panel where you're also able to reboot your server and check out the application of all other resources like hard disk storage, CPU load or physical memory usage.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting
Using a dedicated server, you'll have a very efficient hosting tool at your disposal and the website traffic quota you will get suits all of the other features. The server will be able to make terabytes of website traffic every month, so regardless of the kind or amount of web sites that you host, you'll never have to worry for them being not reachable due to inadequate traffic. To be on the safe side though, we'll give you the opportunity to improve this feature if required. We will notify you in advance if you get close to the limit, so you'll have the chance to upgrade or decrease your site traffic by optimizing your data to avoid any disruption of the work of your web sites. You'll be able to keep track of the consumed and remaining website traffic for the current month through the administration panel that we supply. The info there includes all incoming and outgoing transfers, such as software installations and / or updates. In comparison, a hosting Control Panel can offer more detailed info, but only for the website traffic to and from a hosting account, not the server as a whole.